Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Morning all :) here's the desk, nothing much going on here just what Santa brought me, which I cannot wait to play with

Need to get all the boys toys away first :( not looking forward to that massive task, we all had a lovely time 9 for lunch but thankfully dh did all the cooking I just hosted :)

Hope you all had a fab crimbus and a happy new year

Thanks for looking and following, see you all in 2012

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Well it's been a while! Sorry about that life gets in the way, but here's the desk :) nothing much going on really doing some die cutting for future birthday cards

Been making last min cards as is everyone :) also starting a project I saw on pinterest not sure who by but a few people have pinned so just have a look, it is an index card a day idea, you write something about your day and then put it back in the box and build up the years really, will hopefully show you it finished next week

Well happy WOYWW and thanks for looking


Crafty du