Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Morning all :) here's the desk, nothing much going on here just what Santa brought me, which I cannot wait to play with

Need to get all the boys toys away first :( not looking forward to that massive task, we all had a lovely time 9 for lunch but thankfully dh did all the cooking I just hosted :)

Hope you all had a fab crimbus and a happy new year

Thanks for looking and following, see you all in 2012

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Well it's been a while! Sorry about that life gets in the way, but here's the desk :) nothing much going on really doing some die cutting for future birthday cards

Been making last min cards as is everyone :) also starting a project I saw on pinterest not sure who by but a few people have pinned so just have a look, it is an index card a day idea, you write something about your day and then put it back in the box and build up the years really, will hopefully show you it finished next week

Well happy WOYWW and thanks for looking


Crafty du

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Another week another non desk! Sorry no time for crafting again, but the fire is finished and the living room is all cosy and decorated :) I am a happy bunny and hope to get some crafting done next week

Happy woyww and thanks for looking and following :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Good morning all you lovely people in the land of blog, it's that time of the week again :) but sadly no desk from me, not been near the crafty attic all week, it is overflowing with Christmas stuff for the boys, been spending again!!!!! And things from my living room

Oh well news on the wood burning stove is good as it is in and working and keeping us all toasty warm and we well my hubby is busy decorating and making things pretty ready for Christmas

Well I will leave you with a piccy of the fire as I have none of my desk

Thanks for looking see you all next week :)


Crafty du

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Good morning all, sorry about missing last week, I had a good idea to have a wood burning stove installed! Well it's getting there and when I can find the big putter under the rubble and brick!

Anyways the desk will feature below I hope! As I am on the iPad and have never posted from here before, hopefully on later with the things I have been making :)

Thanks for looking and following

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Good Morning Ladies and Gents. Here it is:

Lots going on this week, i am finally found the mojo to put the finishing touches to my engagment mini album and i have to say it is looking lush :)

Lots of other things going on this week to we have been taken over by toys ready for santa!

So the boys are no longer permitted to enter the attic! I have also been very busy doing some more crimbus cards :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crimbus and it brings out the child in me.  I cant wait to decorate the house :) Well her are a few pics of bits i have been doing

Finally the Mini Me Book i have been working on is finished

Thanks for looking

Crafty Du xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Good morning WOYWW ers, another week flown by and not much done :(

Here's the desk

Finally started work on the engagement mini album, not much but it's a start. I had a colouring session the other night in the living room with hubby, which was nice :) so here are the fruit of my labour:

Well thanks for looking and following


Crafty Du

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Good Morning WOYWW ers :) Heres my poorly lite desk:

There is a little Mini of Me with bad haircuts! that i have been working on, Love the papers and the poppy colours it is very ME. My die cut basket is on the desk this week it has got allsorts in it i love it.

Will be working on my engagment mini the rest of this week if i get any free time. Still loving my ATG Gun its lush :)

Below is a quick lo i did for my youngest son, its just scrap papers cut different circles and added a photo i love of his eyes. They are so jewel like :)

Really love how it turned out and it did not take long.

Well thanks for looking and following.

Happy WOYWW to you all


Crafty Du

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Morning all - Heres todays desk:

Nothing really going on this week, just some stash shopping really! Tut tut. A little trip to the Hobby House and Lunch out thanks to my dh. Cant wait to have a play and i will show you what i come up with next week.

Heres a mini i have just started work on. Its with some free papers i got a while back in a magizine, i forget which but i love them. It is going to be a mini with pictures on of our engagment back in 2000 when we went to blackpool, waiting for the prints off snapfish, so hopefully will get to show you the progress next week.

Well thanks for stopping by and for following me in my crafty journey. Will pop by you nad have a nose really soon.

Happy WOYWW to you all


Crafty Du xxx

AB DT Challenge

Well here i am entering my first challenge

ABC Toys and Crafts
Each month ABC Toys and Crafts Design Team challenges you to create a Theme related project. In this Challenge you must create a Project related to Pumpkins. This could be Pumpkins related to Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving etc. The only requirement is that there is a pumpkin some where on the project, card or scrapbook page.

This month's theme is

This months theme is Pumpkins and i thought my LO of the boys with the Sherk Pumpkin would be a good fit. :)

Good luck to everyone

Crafty Du

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Morning All Happy WOYWW 121 The time its goes so Quick between posts. So here is my desk, i have made 15 christmas cards over the last 2 days. Feel a bit like an elf. They are only general send cards and not my special ones, but they are all adding up :) As you can see from my desk, i got an ATG gun this week - WOW i love it already even if the thing is MASSIVE, they are so easy to use and so quick. I have been wanting one for ages but the price i has always put me off but then i read a blog last week from this lovely lady, http://scrappystickyinkymess.wordpress.com/ and it was £9.99! Bargin, so i went ahead and i must say her review was great and i love my gun x

No i am going to show you the floor! As i am not as tidy as i like, the photos have bad light

Lots of stuff to be put away! I run bits up to the attic and dont put the lights on and hope it lands in a safe place! and the other side of the chair

Photos and projects waiting to start! I would really never have to take another photo or buy any more stash and i would still have enough to last my life time! But where the fun in that.............

Well i bid you farewell and i am gonna grab a brew and come for a nose round your desks


Crafty Du

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WOYWW 120 :)

Morning everyone :)

Well here it is:

Nice and busy, this is a card for my nephews birthday in december and that signals the last of my cards for this year, so i will be starting on crimbus cards now, yeah love it.

Not much work been going on this week, as i have had the MAN FLU! its now traveling round the family at a rate of speed! So not much time for crafting.

I did have time to do a Cristening card for my nephew

and i have done my mums 50th birthday card, she is struggling with this birthday, so i kept it under stated and not to flashy bless her.

Well thats me for another week, Happy WOYWW and thanks for looking and following :)

Crafty Du

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Good Morning and it has come round again so fast WOYWW, with being away last week i have now had time to play with my stash. With all the new stuff i got for my birthday

These are the things i got from DH and DS's. I also got lots of other bits from friends and family. I am a very lucky Girl, Heres some work i have been doing this week :)

This was a bon vouage card for someone my mum works with and she asked me to do another so everyone had space to sign!

Very Simply but i like it :)

This was a layout i did with an old stash of photos, its me and my hubby in 1999! very vintage

Well thats me done and thanks for looking, Happy WOYWW

See u all next week

Crafty Du


Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hi no work desk to show you all this week, we are away for the week with the family :) lots of time doing nothing much :) heaven Going for a fish pedi and a spa with my dh soon can't wait Will return with a desk next week I promise Happy woyww and thanks for looking

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hello WOYWW again. It comes around so fast. Not been up to much this week, busy getting ready for holidays and entertaining my little monkeys :)

It is also my 9th Wedding Anniversary Today, Went out last night for posh fish and chips and then clothes shopping at tesco! Oh the glamour, well the monkeys were out and we never go anywhere after 5 normally so it made a nice change! SO rock and roll, anyways the desk:

Not very good light sorry! But i do love the paper pad at the min.

This is the card i made for my hubby. Love the colours and the LOTV Die cut.

Also been colouring these pretty ladies, i got them from a lovely lady on ebay, i won some brads and she was kind enough to add these to my order as a treat. Which i thought was really nice. They are coloured with promarkers and a bit of glitter x

Happy WOYWW and Thanks for looking


Crafty Du

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

WOYWW 24.08.2010

Its that time again

This is a lo i have been working on with my son, its off his brother, he wants to make a family scrapbook.  He picked out all the papers himself , in the pocket there journaling.

I have also been working on these this week:

 Just a random card, can add sentiment when needed :)
For a friends birthday :)

For a party Ralph is going to soon :)

Another for the stash!

Got this little lady yesterday, hopefully have some cards made with her next time you look
Have a great day and thanks for looking

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hiya this is a very different desk from last weeks! Not so tidy, ralphie has been in the craft room with me this week, so its all over the place, but we had loads of fun :)

He coloured the LOTV Stamp with water colour pencils and i embossed my image and coloured with distress inks, ralphies dojo has now been opened a year and he wanted to give his sensi a card, i hope we get round to finishing it beofre thursday.

Thanks for looking, Hope you like and follow me xxx


Wednesday, 10 August 2011


This is the first time i have done this hope you like and follow


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Welcome to Nobody!

Well good morning world! As yet i have no followers! Oh well i  like talking to myself so here goes, I am using this blog as a way of putting my cards and scrapper layouts in the cloud as it where.

I am an untidy crafter who will have a go at anything. I live as a crafter in my attic so i can spread out and be messy. I dont get as much time as i would like to play but running round after 2 boys and a man child do take up most of my time. But every now and then i get time off.

I go to a scrapper club on a thursday which i love. Nice to chat to like minded ladies and they feed us cake!

Well off now the monkeys are awake but will be back later with some cards and bits to add to the cloud


Crafty Du