Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Morning All Happy WOYWW 121 The time its goes so Quick between posts. So here is my desk, i have made 15 christmas cards over the last 2 days. Feel a bit like an elf. They are only general send cards and not my special ones, but they are all adding up :) As you can see from my desk, i got an ATG gun this week - WOW i love it already even if the thing is MASSIVE, they are so easy to use and so quick. I have been wanting one for ages but the price i has always put me off but then i read a blog last week from this lovely lady, and it was £9.99! Bargin, so i went ahead and i must say her review was great and i love my gun x

No i am going to show you the floor! As i am not as tidy as i like, the photos have bad light

Lots of stuff to be put away! I run bits up to the attic and dont put the lights on and hope it lands in a safe place! and the other side of the chair

Photos and projects waiting to start! I would really never have to take another photo or buy any more stash and i would still have enough to last my life time! But where the fun in that.............

Well i bid you farewell and i am gonna grab a brew and come for a nose round your desks


Crafty Du

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WOYWW 120 :)

Morning everyone :)

Well here it is:

Nice and busy, this is a card for my nephews birthday in december and that signals the last of my cards for this year, so i will be starting on crimbus cards now, yeah love it.

Not much work been going on this week, as i have had the MAN FLU! its now traveling round the family at a rate of speed! So not much time for crafting.

I did have time to do a Cristening card for my nephew

and i have done my mums 50th birthday card, she is struggling with this birthday, so i kept it under stated and not to flashy bless her.

Well thats me for another week, Happy WOYWW and thanks for looking and following :)

Crafty Du

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Good Morning and it has come round again so fast WOYWW, with being away last week i have now had time to play with my stash. With all the new stuff i got for my birthday

These are the things i got from DH and DS's. I also got lots of other bits from friends and family. I am a very lucky Girl, Heres some work i have been doing this week :)

This was a bon vouage card for someone my mum works with and she asked me to do another so everyone had space to sign!

Very Simply but i like it :)

This was a layout i did with an old stash of photos, its me and my hubby in 1999! very vintage

Well thats me done and thanks for looking, Happy WOYWW

See u all next week

Crafty Du


Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hi no work desk to show you all this week, we are away for the week with the family :) lots of time doing nothing much :) heaven Going for a fish pedi and a spa with my dh soon can't wait Will return with a desk next week I promise Happy woyww and thanks for looking