Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Morning all :) nothing much on the desk today :( but lots of happy post and shopping :)

I did make a shepards pie from scratch and it was the awesome as said by the kids so that's good enough for men

Well hopefully a busy desk next week, thanks for looking and have a good week now :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Good morning all in the land of bloggy, well this week I found me time and it was so relaxing :)

We even found time this week for a walk on the beach with good friends and some hot choccy and donuts :) yummy

The cards are just some for the add a sentiment box

Thanks for looking and following see u all next week :)


Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Morning all :) not much doing this week again! More shopping than doing - seems like that's all I have time for at the min, what with kids, house, hubby and a job I never seem to get a spare min, does anyone else have the same issues? Or is it just me!

I sound very sorry for myself but I am not just having a winge! Sorry! But I am determined to have some me time this week, tune in next week to see if I manage it :)

Well here's the desk:

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Morning ally at start by saying sorry about the picture only got the iPhone at the min and in a bit of a rush but still wanted to join in :)

It shows my stash from sale shopping at the weekend :) all that beautiful stash for under £20 bargain

Boring life has been getting in the way of crafting this week boo :( but hopefully be back on track next week

Thanks for looking and following


Crafty du

Monday, 2 January 2012

WOYWW 2012 :)

Morning all, A very happy new year to you all, i hope that this year finds you well, if this year is as good as last i will be a happy bunny

The 'NEW' desk -

As you can see we fitted our new desks in the attic over the holiday week :) They are so lush and big, as i was moaning to my DH that the others were to small, so bless him he got some and fitted them he is such a poppet :) So there has been lots of crafty work going on in the attic this week, No work and lots of time to play :)

Heres the other half of the desk -

So much more space to spread out and collect stuff! Heaven, heres so of the work i have been doing -

an anniversary card for DH Grandparents 59 years together :)

a card for my sister in law
 and finally some stamps and colouring i have been doing during the crimbus break, This year i will be organised - Fingers crossed!!!!

Well thanks for looking and following, Happy new year and Happy WOYWW for 2012

Crafty Du