Monday, 2 January 2012

WOYWW 2012 :)

Morning all, A very happy new year to you all, i hope that this year finds you well, if this year is as good as last i will be a happy bunny

The 'NEW' desk -

As you can see we fitted our new desks in the attic over the holiday week :) They are so lush and big, as i was moaning to my DH that the others were to small, so bless him he got some and fitted them he is such a poppet :) So there has been lots of crafty work going on in the attic this week, No work and lots of time to play :)

Heres the other half of the desk -

So much more space to spread out and collect stuff! Heaven, heres so of the work i have been doing -

an anniversary card for DH Grandparents 59 years together :)

a card for my sister in law
 and finally some stamps and colouring i have been doing during the crimbus break, This year i will be organised - Fingers crossed!!!!

Well thanks for looking and following, Happy new year and Happy WOYWW for 2012

Crafty Du


  1. Lovely to have some new desks with lots more space, I know that feeling well when I finally got an Ikea desk and shelf unit. Have a wonderful time playing and collecting stuff to cover the desk with of course! Very pretty cards and great to get ahead with colouring, really must do that, such a time saver!

    Brenda 76

  2. Oh my! A bigger desk! That is very exciting news indeed. You do know that means you will accumulate more piles though, right?! I love the projects you have been working on.

  3. Oh lovely tidy big space, good for your darling and how understanding! Love that you've found time to do some peaceful colouring, now to get them all made up!

  4. Congrats on the new desk! Love all the fussy cut images! You will be SO prepared for the upcoming year! Great cards! They turned out awesome! Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW! -Amanda 28

  5. Love your cards and new desk, what a lovely DH you have. Thanks for sharing and A HAppy New Year. Anne x